Beta testing

If you are a tech-savy user of SkEye, you could help us polish the app by subscribing to the beta channel.

You get to try new (and unstable) features and also get to shape the development of SkEye with your early feedback.

Here's how:

1. Subscribe to the beta

Click the following links which take you to the Play Store and then agree to join the beta channel. Once signed up, the beta releases will appear to you through the play store itself.

SkEye Free Beta Channel.

SkEye Pro Beta Channel.

Note that SkEye free and SkEye Pro are two independent apps from Android's perspective. So you need to seperately sign up for their beta releases.

2. Give feedback

There are three ways of providing feedback for a beta version:

1. post to the skeye-beta mailing list

2. add a comment in the play store.

3. use the usual contact channels..