Why doesn't automatic scroll work on my device? Only manual scroll works.

For automatic scrolling, SkEye needs at least two sensors to be present on your device: Acceleromter and Magnetometer.

You can use this app to check which sensors are present and whether they are in working condition.

What does "strange magnetic field" mean and how can I deal with it?

Please read this article.

Why is the sky view totally wrong? The real sun is overhead but SkEye shows it under my foot!

Please read this article.

Why is the view too laggy or too jittery?

If the view lags behind when you move the device, then you should increase the sensitivity of the sensors from the settings screen.

On the other hand, if the view is very jittery (shaky), then you should decrease the sensitivity.

Can the satellite and comet data be entered / updated within the app? (Pro version)

No, at the moment, this facility is not available. The reason for this is non-technical; it is to do with application permissions.

Updating satellite or comet data implies that the app would require File read/write permission or Internet access permission. I am personally wary of installing apps that request such permissions because they are very powerful and can be misused.

Until the release of Android 6, there was no way for a user to revoke permissions required by an app. Even with Android 6, the Internet permission is granted by default to any application that requests it.

I am not happy with this state of affairs, and don't want to request extra permissions from the apps I develop. Hence, I am hesitant to add this feature. I am considering alternative solutions, but I am not completely satisfied with them either.