Changelog for the 0.x series


January 2022

  • Improve the Polar Alignment UI
  • Improve the accuracy and speed of Geometric calculations


  • Add support for Polar Alignment


  • Message to indicate calibration is required before plate solving
  • For front facing camera, mirror the display to help move the telescope


  • Cross-hair offset is remembered per camera, while the app is running
  • Support cameras with 270° rotation
  • Better stability in handling various configurations of IMU sensors


September 2021

  • Catalog objects: Messier and a selection of bright NGC objects
  • remember preference for Live Solving check box
  • better labels and markers when zooming in on live view


September 2021

  • Batch Capture mode
  • fix Live view: show solver result only if live solve is enabled


Release: August 2021

  • Improved gradient filter. It will now be more effective against clouds, while making the stars brighter.
  • [Fix] Zoom on camera view now applies to overlays as well.


Release: August 2021

  • Ability to zoom and pan the camera view using gestures
  • Ability to zoom, pan and rotate the view using gestures, in FOV calibration screen


Release: July 2021

  • Fix YUV mode in some devices
  • Cross-hairs:
    • button to lock the cross-hairs directly
    • slider for opacity


Release: July 2021

  • Added Cross-hairs for alignment


Release: July 2021

  • Fixed a bug in saving calibration; it was saved but not used for the current session!
  • Added two new calibration features:
    • Margin (aka Crop)
    • Gradient removal


Release: July 2021

  • Portable implementation for YUV decoding that works on more devices
  • Show a progress bar for detected sources
  • Other minor UI updates


Release: July 2021

  • Correction for lens deformation. Automatically done during calibration.
  • Fixed a bug in saving calibrations


Release: July 2021

  • show world map in location screen


Release: July 2021

  • tweaks to menu and location ui
  • make calibration UI collapsible


Release: July 2021

  • Optimisations to the solver engine
  • Tweaks to the Solution display


Release: July 2021

  • Assumes square pixels always. This reduces the solve time as well as the UI complexity during calibration.
  • Various improvements to calibration UI

0.5.6 to 0.5.9

Release: July 2021

  • When saving image
    • add UTC timestamp to overlay
    • add seconds to suggested file name
  • Reduced memory usage drastically
  • Display star names in solution
  • Catch any exceptions in background tasks and show a debugging dialog
  • Fix exception when storing on GDrive


Release: Jun 2021

  • Fix solving issue when threshold is high (greater than 120)
  • Optimised memory usage during source detection


Release: Jun 2021

  • Fix YUV banding issue on some phones
  • UI Tweak: Plus/Minus Buttons on Detector calibration screen


Release: Jun 2021

  • Disable the noise estimator, as it clashes with the Calibration process
  • UI Tweak: Colors indicating match in Calibration UI are more contrasting now


Release: Jun 2021

  • UI fixes: Further improvements to Slider Behavior


Release: Jun 2021

  • UI fixes: Improved Slider Behavior
  • UI improvement: Show area in pixels


Release: Jun 2021

  • Enabled Plate Solving