SkEye Guide

Written for SkEye version 8.5.x.

Nov 2021


SkEye is a planetarium app which can display a dynamic map of celestial objects, as seen by an observer on Earth.

With the help of appropriate sensors, the map can be scrolled automatically as the device is moved. If the device is attached to a telescope, SkEye can also help guide the scope's movement.


SkEye's goal is to provide information about celestial objects in a compact form. The focus is not on fancy graphics. It is likely that a fancy or realistic rendering of the map might satiate the user's curiosity too early and not motivate them to experience the real skies by themselves.


There are two versions of SkEye:

  • The beginner version, which is free. This version is suitable for those who don't have any astronomical gear or are just getting started in the hobby. This version should provide enough features to keep you interested for an year (or more) of sky gazing.
  • The Pro version, which is geared towards the Pro-ficient user.

This guide applies to both versions. Wherever there is a difference between the versions, it is noted.